Created: September 2016

Promoting General Member applications for Earl Haig's Science Council 2016-2017.


Created: August 2016

Introducing Earl Haig's Student Activity Council of 2016-2017. 

Created: August 2016 

One of three promotional videos created for Earl Haig's Social Committee.  

Created: December 2015

The second episode of a web series (parodying This is Daniel Cook) created for HaigTV. 

Release: April 2017

Synopsis: A barista's interest in a repairman rattles her conscience. The focus of the initial assignment was to create a 5-7 min short film based on a randomly chosen location, prop, and line of dialogue. The location chosen was cafe, the prop chosen was a light bulb, and the line of dialogue was, "You dropped your smile". 


-"Best Picture" at the Zoom Student Film Festival

-"Best Ensemble" at the Zoom Student Film Festival

-Finalist at the Festival de Cinema Escolar de Alvorada

Release: February 2016

The focus of this assignment was to create a music video featuring the dance majors of the Claude Watson Program using a given track by Ian Thomson.

Synopsis: Elevator music forces two strangers together. 


-Official Selection at the Young Reels Film Festival


Release: June 2015 

For my film arts summative, I was tasked with creating a short film (under two minutes) based on a self-portrait.

Synopsis: As a director watches her cringe worthy creation, she decides to re shoot her cereal commercial.


-Official Selection at the Victoria Film Festival, ConVerge (2016) 



Release: October 2016

A randomly selected grocery list was assigned consisting of Prozac, kid hair de-tangler, Ibuprofen, Fibre-All, and Sensodyne. A film was then created around the grocery list.

Synopsis: An experimental film about two differing viewpoints of a fearful situation. One viewpoint is of the father's and the other is of the ill daughter's. 


















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Release: October 2017

Synopsis: In Jenny‚Äôs society, coin and paper note currency is replaced by emotional reasoning in the form of stories garnering sympathy from sellers.


-"Best Screenplay" at the Zoom Student Film Festival

-Official Selection at Doors Open Toronto 2018

Release: June 2016

Synopsis: The life and career of Toronto-based photographer, Steve Carty, from his discovery of the art form in high school to his flourishing career as a fashion, portrait and most recently, cycling photographer. 


-Finalist in the 2016 Thanksgiving IndustryBOOST Competition












I did a variation of Eadweard Muybridge's "The Horse in Motion", but instead of studying the motion of a horse, I broke down the motion of people's reactions to a photo op. I went to Washington Square Park and asked strangers if I could take a posed photo of them (whatever they deem to be the most flattering position for themselves). Instead of taking the photograph, I recorded a short video of them getting into the photo op position and midway through the video, took a snapshot. I then broke down the frames leading up to the photo op pose to examine how people change depending on whether they know a camera is on them or not.

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